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Rabbi Suzie Jacobson (she/they) serves as Associate Rabbi and Education Director at Temple Israel, a community that has long been her home. She received a Masters in Jewish Education and was ordained as Rabbi by Hebrew College in 2015 after a six-year immersion in the texts and tenacious creativity of the Jewish people. Prior to rabbinical school, Suzie was on the path to becoming a scholar of Jewish Philosophy, receiving a MA from the University of Chicago Divinity School, a BA in Jewish thought from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a BA in history from Columbia University. Though formal study provided many necessary skills towards the rabbinate, her  dearest teacher was her six years as educator and intern at Temple Israel where she learned what it means to be a part of a creative and loving congregation. She and her spouse JoJo are thrilled to raise their children Yitzy and Ruben at Temple Israel and to make a home in the community. 

Connect with Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

Rabbi Jacobson is passionate about ensuring that our community is inclusive and just, that our educational programs allow students to bring their whole selves, and that our prayer is meaningful, authentic, and full of immense joy. She is enormously excited every day to bring this passion, joy, and love of Jewish education into her rabbinate at Temple Israel. Her door is always open for conversation, study, and new connections.

Why be a Rabbi?

“In 2008, I found myself wholly engaged in my graduate studies. I was surrounded by incredible Jewish ideas, but utterly bored by the prospect of spending my life writing very long papers that few would take the time to read. At the time, I was teaching a 4th and 5th grade religious school class to supplement my student loans. After a particularly excellent session spent building a four foot model of Mt. Sinai, I realized that the ethical conversations I had with the kids over paint and paper mache were no less important or deep than the 30 page paper on Kant I had just turned into my professor. As a rabbi, I am able to engage with the deepest human questions in community:What does it mean to be just? Is there a God? What is the purpose of human life? Together we ask and answer these questions in real time, in accessible language, and most importantly, with our actions and care for each other and our planet.”

— Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

Why TI?

“Yes, I was ordained by my teachers at Hebrew College but I truly learned what it means to be a rabbi and a Jewish educator through my six years of pre-rabbinic teaching and leading at Temple Israel. I was your rabbinic intern, justice organizer, curriculum writer, and educator in the religious school and teen program. When I had an opportunity to spend more time at TI, raise my family here, and devote myself to our incredible, shared vision, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The incredible learning, constant fight for justice, and most importantly, deep love and compassion of this community inspires me everyday. I love where we have been and I am thrilled and excited for where we are going.”

— Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

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