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For generations, our sacred community has thrived through our members. Their involvement and dedication make all the difference in our ability to carry out our mission. Our working groups and committees offer great opportunities for members to not only lend their talents, skills, and passions but also to develop new ones. Each year, over 300 members actively participate in committee work. If you would like to get involved and form new connections, take the first step here by reaching out and letting us know. We will help you find the right place to make an impact.

Board of Trustees

As the governing body of the synagogue, the Board of Trustees oversees the conduct of the affairs and activities of our congregation through the appointment of Standing Committees. The Board of Trustees generally meets on the first Tuesday of every month.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council, which is composed of former presidents of the congregation, honorary trustees, and elected council members, is the backbone of our congregation. As our trusted advisers, the members of the Leadership Council make a tremendous impact on our community.

Elected Council

  • Kim Barnum
  • Lonn Drucker
  • Georgia Feldman
  • Jennifer Goldsmith
  • Jennifer Grella
  • Rachel Kogan
  • Andrea Lesser-Gonzalez
  • Liz Lyster
  • Nick Morse
  • Amy Nishman
  • Shari Noe
  • Chris Palmer
  • Andrea Ptaszek
  • Maria Isabel Rosario
  • Noah Sawyer

Past Presidents

  • Laurence Bailen
  • Marc Maxwell
  • Brad Gerratt
  • Elizabeth Levin
  • Kathryn Madden
  • Carol Michael
  • Chris Noe
  • Gary Pforzheimer
  • Fran Putnoi
  • Dean Richlin
  • Leah Rosovsky
  • James Segel
  • Kathy Weinman
  • Barry Weisman
  • Justin Wyner

Honorary Trustees

  • Janet Aserkoff
  • Anita Bender
  • Paula Brody
  • Fran Godine
  • Richard Goldman
  • Carol Kur
  • Chuck Levin
  • John Loewenstein
  • Don Perrin
  • Sandy Perrin
  • Donald Putnoi
  • Nancy Raphael
  • David Rosenthal
  • Nancy Sandman
  • Arthur Segel
  • Miriam Smulow


In the spring of 2023 we updated our bylaws to reflect how we are living Judaism as a congregation. We thank our many members who played a part in revamping our bylaws.



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