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Musical Engagement

Musical Engagement at Temple Israel of Boston

A beautiful statement found in Midrash Tehillim teaches: “When you pray, pray in the synagogue of your city; if you are unable to pray in the synagogue, pray in your field; if you are unable to pray in your field, pray in your home; if you are unable to pray in your home, pray on your couch; and, if you are unable to pray on your couch, meditate in your heart.”

Prayer in our community is enhanced by beautiful musical collaborations. We are committed to and find joy in introducing new melodies and musical artists to our services.

I grew up at Temple Israel. I say that because TI helped grow me into who I have become as a person and into who I am as a cantor. I learned there that our synagogue communities help us ask the most fundamental and important questions of life and that to answer those questions through music is valued highly. When I explored those questions through singing, I learned that the feeling is as important as the words, and I learned that sitting in a circle on the floor on a retreat, and in a class with Cantor Einhorn, and in the sanctuary on sacred occasions. And that is the feeling that stayed with me and propelled me into the cantorate, that through this work I could serve a community where I would always be challenging my congregants to ask the most important questions and that music could be a powerful way of expressing the answers and inspiring all of us to live lives of holiness.

Cantor Erin Frankel,
Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia, PA

Recent Musical Moments at Temple Israel


Karol Musical Weekend with The LeeVees


Erev Purim with Michelle Citrin


Sephardic Qabbalat Shabbat with Dr. Samuel Thomas and members of Asefa


Karol Musical Weekend with Saul Kaye


Karol Musical Weekend with Noah Aronson


Musical Shabbat with Aaron Goldberg & Ali Amr


Chanukah Shabbat with Dan Nichols


Wyner Lecture with The Reciprocity Collaborative and Ilya Vidrin

Herbert M. Karol Musical Weekend

In 1990, the Karol family endowed Temple Israel’s longtime Annual Music Service in honor of their father, Herbert M. Karol, a trombone player and lover of music. The service is a liturgical celebration of Jewish music and composers.

TI Band

The TI Band, a lively assembly of Temple Israel musicians, from amateur music-lovers to musical professionals, regularly joins the clergy and the congregation to enhance the musical life of worship and festivities at Temple Israel. The band plays regularly at Qabbalat Shabbat services, and its members also join for High Holy Day worship, and various celebrations and special events.

Youth Choir

The Temple Israel Youth Choir has been singing for decades. For 2nd-7th graders, the Youth Choir offers our kids the opportunity to learn to sing a variety of Jewish music and perform for different audiences throughout the year.  The group participates at Qabbalat Shabbat services once a month. Special moments during the year include: learning new music and rehearsing with our featured musicians for the Karol Music Weekend, joining forces with the Boston Children’s Chorus at the MLK Shabbat, observing Yom HaShoah with the Hawthorne String Quartet, and participating at the annual Boston area Zimriyah, when all the youth choirs join in an afternoon of singing. We also have been performing for local nursing homes over the years. Cantor Einhorn directs the Youth Choir and is assisted by Mark Feldhusen, our accompanist. Rehearsals are once a week during the inter-session on Sundays from 10:45-11:15 a.m.

Bringing Prayer into the Home

While prayer can take place anywhere, we most often gather together on Shabbat. However, many people walk into the synagogue, open the prayer book, and realize they don’t really understand the words they are saying!

Our goal is to help each member learn the order of the service, the prayers involved, and the meaning behind those prayers. This page will give you the mechanics of our Temple Israel services so that each time you walk through our doors, you feel empowered to fully participate in Shabbat.

B'nei Mitzvah Blessings

We are pleased to offer these Hebrew and transliterated text of B’nei Mitzvah Blessings, along with audio recordings by Cantor Emeritus Roy Einhorn.