Tzedakah Row

Each year we select several organizations to support through our communal tzedakah effort. Please consider a donation into one of the tzedakah boxes in the Atrium. This year’s partners all pursue righteous impact in areas of interest and action for our Temple Israel community.

Commonwealth Kitchen logoCommonwealth Kitchen

Commonwealth Kitchen is a transformative culinary incubator dedicated to empowering aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.Through our relationships with many Commonwealth Kitchen businesses and graduates, we are able to support and uplift local businesses, foster economic empowerment, and address food insecurity in our community.


The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive JudaismThe Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ)

With over 50 congregations and initiatives across Israel, the IMPJ has been instrumental in promoting progressive values and religious pluralism in Israeli society through education, life cycle events, and justice campaigns. Our partnership with Israeli Reform organizations fosters a sense of unity among Jews worldwide, working together toward a more inclusive and vibrant Jewish future.


Muddy Water InitiativeMuddy Water Initiative

Rooted in grassroots activism, the Muddy Water Initiative focuses on raising awareness about pollution, advocating for sustainable practices, and engaging the community in conservation efforts. Temple Israel community members of all ages and stages continue to partner with the Muddy Water Initiative for clean-up drives, educational sessions, and lobbying opportunities.