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Participate in a Committee

Participate in a Committee! Committees, working groups, and volunteer efforts are the backbone of Temple Israel activities. By partnering with the clergy and staff, volunteers amplify everything that happens at Temple Israel. Some traditional committees have evolved to meet our changing congregational needs; new committees also arise in response to member interests. If you feel like getting involved and forming new connections, take the first step here by reaching out by letting us know.

Interested in joining a committee?

Let us know.

TI 50's & 60's Committee

TI 50’s & 60’s is a program meant to enhance relationships between members in their 50’s and 60’s through cultural, social, and educational activities.

Adult Education Committee

The Adult Education Committee provides guidance on the planning and impact of the Center for Adult Jewish Learning. We invite members to join us who are interested in helping develop the classes, speakers, and other educational programming offered at Temple Israel in partnership with the Director of Education, Rabbi Suzie Jacobson, and the Managing Director of the Center, Brigid Goggin.

Archive Committee

Dedicated to documenting our congregational history as a resource for our clergy, staff, and those in the public who seek to understand the ways in which TI has impacted the history of American social, religious, and cultural development.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee approves the accounting policies and procedures and engages the services of a Certified Public Accountant to audit the financial report of our congregation.

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee maintains the property of the congregation, other than the cemetery, in proper physical condition.

Cemetery Committee

The mission of the Cemetery Committee is both to protect the financial integrity of cemetery funds and to preserve the garden-like perpetual beauty and tranquility of our historic Wakefield property as a burial place for past, present, and future congregants and their families.

Elementary Education Committee

Join new and returning families as we advise on policy and procedures and support the TI Education staff to harvest the fruits of their vision for a focused and forward-looking Jewish education for our students and families.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares the annual budget for the Temple and provides recommendations and counsel to the Board on on-going financial matters.

Green Team

The Green Team is committed to improving our sustainability efforts and educating our community about individual environmental responsibility. We will be working with other faith communities for systemic change on a wide range of environmental issues. Rooted in traditional Jewish ecological values—from the Torah’s command “Don’t waste” to Maimonides’ caution to recognize the inherent value of all of life—the Green Team will focus on climate change, energy use, recycling, education, social and political policy, and the environmental dimensions of social justice.

Library Committee

Composed of book lovers, the library committee plans the annual Joy Ungerleider  Jewish  Book Program. In addition, it participates in reviewing library activities and changes. It meets two to four times a year with Ann Abrams, librarian, and is a very focused and congenial group.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for introducing and integrating new members into the Temple Israel community.

Museum Committee

A member-led effort to preserve and display our Judaica collection and our communal history with support of our archives and our art collection. The goal of this committee is to enhance the cultural aspects of our congregational life.

Nominating Committee

We are interested in identifying emerging leaders – both people who are already actively involved and those who we hope will become more involved in Temple Israel life.

Riverway Project Committee (20's & 30's)

Participate in a bold, exciting initiative that connects adults in their 20’s and 30’s to each other, to Judaism, and to TI through innovative learning activities that create community and revitalize Jewish ritual.

Social Justice Committee

We engage in grassroots organizing to address the root causes of injustice by building relationships within and outside of our congregation and engaging in a variety of issues which reflect our values and our stories.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee contributes their skills to help our community use and cost effectively implement technology.

Teen Education Committee

The Teen Education Committee advises and informs the work of the Teen Ed Program and supports the Teen Ed community as liaisons to all TI parents of teens.

TI Cares

A multi-faceted service to the Temple Israel community born of our concern for helping the members of our congregation in their time of need.

TILLI Peer-Led Learning Committee

TILLI is a self-governing organization for members age 55+ with curious minds, an interest in study, and a desire to share their stories, experiences, and expertise.