IYUN Circle: Spiritual Practice for Real Life (20's cohort)


March 27, 2024


07:00 PM - 08:30 PM EDT


Together, we will explore some of life's big questions, exploring perspectives from Jewish tradition on spiritual practice for real life. Gratitude, spirituality, divinity, redemption - these themes offer a glimpse into the conversations shared in this Circle.

What is a life well-lived, and how do we achieve such a thing? While we dare not offer others a set of prescribed answers, engaging the question itself with others can be a worthy, meaningful, and proactive experience. 

Join Jewish Educator, Rabbinical student, and Riverway Project member Naomi Zipursky as she facilitates this 6-week Circle for those in their 20s. Take a look at our syllabus

Please register here for $54 to participate in this 6-week Circle, and fill out this form so our partners at IYUN know who is participating in our IYUN Circle. 

This event and the Riverway Project community are open to all in their 20s. 

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