Yoga Outdoors with TI: The Torah of Spring


April 30, 2022


02:00 PM - 04:00 PM EDT


· Outdoors with TI

The Torah of Spring
For the ancient Israelites, time itself is a form of medicine. In this workshop, we'll tap the sap of spring through Jewish text, the Hebrew wheel of seasons, and our own bodies and minds. Join us on Shabbat for light movement, uplifting learning, and personal reflection, as we align our own personal rhythms with the resilient reemergence of life.

Yaakov Ginsberg-Schreck is in his third year of rabbinical training at Hebrew College. In addition to his studies, he is helping Hebrew College build an authentically Jewish studio for breath and movement, called Beit Neshama ("House of Breath"), on the school's new shared campus in Newton.


To join us, please register here.

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