Confronting the Climate Crisis and Cultivating Spiritual Courage


April 7, 2022


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM EDT

Join us for a dynamic workshop called Confronting the Climate Crisis and Cultivating Spiritual Courage, with Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action and Temple Israel! Facilitated by Dayenu's Spiritual Activism Educator Rabbi Laura Bellows and Temple Israel's Carol Targum.
Why Join Us? 
The climate crisis is a defining challenge of our lifetimes. We are seeing a rise in wildfires, poor air quality, hurricanes, droughts, flooding, and disease. There is a growing awareness that we must come together to address the greatest impacts of a warming earth. 
Understandably, many of us are living with fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, and the sense of disconnection from the climate crisis and each other. It is challenging to absorb the realities of our changing world, not just cognitively, but also emotionally. However, taking in these realities can strengthen us for building a different kind of world — one that is just, equitable, and livable for all people and for generations to come.
Jewish tradition has much to offer as we confront the climate crisis. Jewish practice provides guidance for us as we move through the pain. Jewish teachings help us imagine a future that is more sustainable and puts those who are most marginalized at the center.

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