Unseen Israel: A Virtual Trip with Uri Feinberg


December 16, 2021


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EDT


Travel to Israel may be on our hearts and minds, but sadly, in the world's current climate, our visits are regulated to spirit, not body. Join Uri Feinberg on a visit to some hidden gems off the beaten path. Some of you may have seen these gems and some of you may have not. Some of you may not even think that they are not even so hidden. I can promise you that whether we will find ourselves in unknown alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem, meeting people you never thought you would meet (and tasting their delicious food), visiting markets you never thought you’d visit, jumping from cliffs and cooling off, engaging with old caves and walls in a new light, or witnessing your guide being moved to tears - this will be a virtual tour that you will not forget. Israel should always be about experiencing new places, seen for the first time, and visiting old ones- seeing them anew.

This event is hosted by TILLI (Temple Israel Lifelong Learning Institute) as part of the Winter Session Series.  Open to all. RSVP to tilli@tisrael.org to receive the Zoom link.

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