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You are not alone! #TogetherWithTI

Over the last few weeks, our area has experienced an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. As a result, we have updated our COVID-19 guidelines.

Updated COVID-19 Guidelines

Effective August 6, 2021

Mask Policy

As of Friday, August 6, 2021, all individuals over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask while inside our building.

Vaccination Policy

Effective Friday, August 6, 2021, all individuals who enter our building must be fully vaccinated. Exceptions will be made for those who are not yet age-eligible to receive the vaccine, and for those who have a valid medical reason. If you believe that you have a valid medical exemption, we ask that you email our Executive Director, Dan Deutsch. This is especially important for our education programs.

Our response to the pandemic will continue to change as warranted by local infection rates and guidance by government and health authorities.

The FJECC and our Religious School will share specific mask vaccination status information with enrolled families.

In this unique moment in the history of Temple Israel, we recognize the many different needs that our community members face. To that end, we have gathered the below list of resources in an effort to ensure that you, our beloved congregation, are able to access the support you need in these difficult times. If you would like to speak to our clergy for pastoral support, please contact Amy Sherr at or 617-566-3960.

Do You Need Help Navigating Vaccination Appointments?

We recognize that the vaccination process has been a moving target. As many people have experienced, the appointment scheduling process is complicated and difficult to navigate.

 Although we cannot schedule or make appointments for anyone, if you are in need of assistance to help navigate the system so that you can schedule your own vaccination appointment, let us know here or call our main office at 617-566-3960. 

 We have a team of volunteers through our TI Cares Acts of Kindness Army who will be happy to offer any assistance that they are able to help you so that you can schedule your appointment.

*Please note: Temple Israel does not control scheduling and we cannot make appointments directly for those we assist, nor can we guarantee that an appointment will be at Temple Israel.

Community Resources During the Covid-19 Crisis

Updated Covid-19 information:
Medical Assistance:
Vaccination Appointment Scheduling:
  • For the most current information about eligibility and scheduling appointments, please visit:
  • Pre-register for your vaccine here. After you pre-register, you will receive weekly status updates. You will be contacted when there are appointments available for you and provide you with a link to use to select and book your appointment.
  • You can use the site to find available appointments. This site sifts through all the official MA vaccination sites every 5 minutes and shows available appointments.
  • If you live in public or private affordable low-income senior housing, check with your management company if there is an on-site clinic being planned.
  • If you are in need of transportation, the RIDE customers can book trips to travel to and from their vaccine or testing appointments.
  • If you have difficulty accessing the internet to schedule an appointment online, you may:
  • Call the Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line: Call 2-1-1 (877-211-6277) and follow the prompts for assistance booking an appointment.
  • Call 3-1-1 and ask for the Age Strong Commission, or reach them at 617-635-4366 for help in scheduling a vaccination appointment.
Domestic Violence Resources:
Food Security:
Financial Stress: