Qabbalat Shabbat: Friday, 6:00 p.m. Torah Study: Saturday, 9:00-11:00 a.m. Weekday Minyan: 6:15 p.m.

TILLI Peer-Led Learning

Temple Israel's Lifelong Learning Institute

Temple Israel’s Lifelong Learning Institute (TILLI) provides opportunities for Temple Israel members and others to engage in peer-led, intellectually stimulating study groups covering a broad range of topics, to enjoy cultural events together, and to develop social relationships and a community. For more information, email

Spring 2019 registration is now open!

"TILLI study group leaders are my peers. They are careful to qualify their topics by providing credible documentation and authentic research. Intelligent people of our generation grew up knowing that a legitimate fact is supported by unassailable proof and concrete evidence to be true."

Bob Martin,
TILLI Study Group Leader

"What does it mean to have a voice in an institution? What does it mean to be engaged in intellectual life semester after semester. What does it man to feel that you are part of a community? This is TILLI.  We have changed the stereotypical image of aging and have a renewed sense of who we are and what can be accomplished at any age in the context of life-long learning. TILLI provides a canvas to satisfy our thirst for knowledge, meaning making and connections. And that is what TILLI of Temple Israel has accomplished. Now that’s something to celebrate."

Rhoada Wald,
TILLI Core Committee

Spring 2019 Lunch & Learn Schedule

Thursday Afternoons, 12:30 – 1:45 p.m.

May 16: Helene Weitzenkorn: The Changing Mission of Franklin Park Zoo

May 23: Eve Hoffman: author of Memory and Complicity; Growing Up a White, Jewish Girl in the South.

Spring 2019 Events

June 13: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Mah Jongg with TILLI

Join your TILLI friends for Mah Jongg in the Library

  • Thursdays from 10:30- 1:30 p.m.: June 6, 20, 27; July 11, 18, 25; August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; September 5, 19, 26


TILLI Summer Book Club: Thursdays, 1:30- 3:00 p.m.

  • June 20: House of Spies by Daniel Silva; Leader: Bob Gandre
  • July 11: Becoming by Michelle Obama; Leader: Rhoada Wald
  • September 5: Quantum Spy by David Ignatius; Leader: Bob Gandre

RSVP to Sue Misselbeck.

"TILLI doesn’t offer the same courses over and over, so a lot of instructors have spent a lot of time developing new courses. We do because the students teach us as much as we teach them. It’s life-long learning for everyone involved."

Mike Sandman,
TILLI Study Group Leader

Summer Mini Session

Cafe TILLI 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. in Levi Auditorium

Study Group 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: Bad-Ass Jewish Women, the Journey Continues: Jewish Feminist Cartoonist, Nicole Hollander. Study Group Leader: Ann Abrams

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TILLI Leadership Structure


Co-Chairs: Larry Koff, Judy Berkowitz
Curriculum Committee: Judy Herman
Events: Sylvia Green, Susan Fliegel
Winter Session: Paula Folkman
Lunch and Learn: Ruth Klepper, Marlene Yesley
Summer Session: Saralynn Busch, John Freeman
Budget and Data: Larry Koff, Ted Greenwood
Membership: Mark Kaplan
Archivist/Historian: Rhoada Wald
Clergy Liaison: Rabbi Suzie Jacobson
TILLI Coordinator: Susan Misselbeck

"After a career in an area in which I had no training or credentials, TILLI has given me a chance to realize what I alway thought would be my destiny: teaching the humanities."

Peggy Morrison,
TILLI Study Group Leader

TILLI Programming

What's going on?

For six weeks in both the spring and the fall, TILLI offers study sessions on a variety of topics led by members of the community. During the winter, we have monthly films or presentations with discussion sessions. Throughout the year, we have regular lunch sessions to hear and question experts from a wide range of fields. We also go on guided trips throughout the year to different museums and well-known local institutions in the Boston area.

TILLI Participation

What's my role?

Because TILLI is a peer-led learning program, participation is key. We are always looking for new study topic ideas and help with planning the evolving future of our group. We invite you to extend your learning and involvement by planning and leading a study group.

Connect with Us

Sue Misselbeck

Executive Coordinator for Cantor Einhorn, Rabbi Jacobson, Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Mehlman & TILLI


TILLI in the News

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