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Wyner Museum

The Wyner Museum was reopened in 1984 to house our Judaica collection, and tell important stories of our congregation and their families. Other the years we have mounted shows such as Women whose lives Span the Centuries, The Art of Amy Reichert, Palestine Now and Then, and a myriad of other art exhibits.

Current Exhibit

How Awesome Is This Place!

“Mah Norah Ha-Makom Ha-zeh!”

We are excited to tell you about a new exhibit in the Wyner Museum we’re calling:

“Mah Norah Ha-Makom Ha-zeh!” – or “How Awesome Is This Place!”

The title comes from the Biblical passage in Genesis when the patriarch, Jacob, awakes from his dream of a ladder ascending to heaven. He recognizes the sacred nature of that location and says, “Mah Norah Ha-Makom Ha-zeh!” – or “How Awesome Is This Place!”  With this statement, we want to lift up how amazing and wonderful Temple Israel is for all of us. We want to showcase our members whose lives have experienced just how awesome this place is.

The first exhibit went up in the fall, and was displayed for four months. a new set of photos and stories are on display now through May, and then, we’ll have a third!

We look forward to celebrating our members in this awesome way.

Ann Abrams, Curator & Librarian
Alisa Finkel, Barbara Cevallos, & Linda Okun, Exhibit Committee
Michael Sandman, Photography Consultant
Harriet Greenfield & Pam Goodman, Museum Committee
Rabbi Elaine Zecher, Senior Rabbi

Past Exhibits

Be Torah



In January 2016, we opened a new exhibit in the Wyner Museum to illustrate the many ways Rabbi Friedman has shaped our lives and community. The exhibit remained open through July 2016.

Here’s an excerpt from the opening of the exhibit:

Throughout the coming year, we are going to honor Rabbi Friedman with opportunities to worship alongside, learn from, and celebrate with others who have shared time with him, illustrating the breadth of his rabbinate and what he has meant to each of us. We have set up a video kiosk in the Wyner Museum for congregants and friends to have the opportunity to leave a brief video message for Rabbi Friedman. All videos will then be compiled and given as a gift to Rabbi Friedman and his family. We encourage you to visit the Wyner Museum and record your message.

Click here to see the full event schedule for the year of celebration in honor of Rabbi Friedman.