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At Temple Israel of Boston, our community is blessed with countless members whose involvement and dedication help us carry out our mission of living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Yishrat Lev 2024: Leadership From the Heart

We have chosen the name Yishrat Lev, a description that comes from the Book of Kings. King Solomon described his father, King David, with this image that connotes integrity which comes from the heart. Those entering our inaugural honor roll have shown their dedication and commitment with integrity that comes from the heart. We are honored by your service and are grateful for your leadership.

At this year’s Annual Gathering in June, we honored our 2024 Yishrat Lev, leaders who recently completed their leadership term and have given their gifts of the heart.


Ben Einsohn

Alison Freedman

Frank Friedman

Shayla Harlev

Lesley Inker

Thel Klein

Lisa Robinson Schoeller

Cindy Rowe

David Trietsch

Gail Williams


N’divei Lev 2024: Gift From the Heart

It takes a whole community to build a sacred space. For the ancient Israelites, to build a mishkan, their sanctuary, each brought the offering of their hearts. That was the extra effort, the willingness to step up and forward beyond themselves. They called it n’divei lev then, and we honor sacred work offered with the gift of the heart to Temple Israel.

This year we honored EVERYONE who has been engaged in the work and Jewish living we have been doing this year even as we highlight some of the groups that have helped to make so much possible.