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At Temple Israel of Boston, our community is blessed with countless members whose involvement and dedication help us carry out our mission of living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Yishrat Lev 2023: Leadership From the Heart

We have chosen the name Yishrat Lev, a description that comes from the Book of Kings. King Solomon described his father, King David, with this image that connotes integrity which comes from the heart. Those entering our inaugural honor roll have shown their dedication and commitment with integrity that comes from the heart. We are honored by your service and are grateful for your leadership.

At this year’s Annual Gathering in June, we honored our 2023 Yishrat Lev, leaders who recently completed their leadership term and have given their gifts of the heart.


Laurence Bailen

Michele Fishel

Elliott Gordon

Ted Greenwood

Nicole Leavenworth

Chris Noe

Dan Rabinovitz

Lesley Schoenfeld


N’divei Lev 2023: Gift From the Heart

It takes a whole community to build a sacred space. For the ancient Israelites, to build a mishkan, their sanctuary, each brought the offering of their hearts. That was the extra effort, the willingness to step up and forward beyond themselves. They called it Nadiv Lev then, and we honor sacred work offered with the gift of the heart to Temple Israel.

We honored our 5783/2023 N’divei Lev, Nancy Tauber, the Evening Minyan, and the Riverway Leadership Team who have offered the gift of their hearts in their volunteer work for Temple Israel.


Nancy Tauber

Nancy TauberFor Nancy, Temple Israel is the extension of her home. She cares deeply about the TI community, her dedication evident in the many gifts of her heart she offers and the joy she expresses with her presence.

Nancy nevers hesitates to act when there is an opportunity to enhance tzedek, people’s experience of justice, in our congregation, our neighborhood, and our city. Nancy has served for five years as a leader of our Racial Justice Initiative, and our Racial, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion team. She embodies the spirit of nadiv lev by working with full accountability for the welfare of others.

In her pursuit of justice, Nancy also models tzedakah, by giving generously and unselfishly of her time and talent to those around her in need. With her enthusiasm, good humor, and commitment she recruits others to her cause, including all members of her immediate family. Nancy has lent her considerable energy to organizing Shabbat Tzedek, facilitating REDI conversations, leading book discussion groups, facilitating relationships, and advocating for equity. She embodies the spirit of nadiv lev by working with full collaboration that honors the gifts each person has to offer to their fellow community members.

To all these activities she brings her experience and wisdom in family-forward policies serving diverse communities, as well as her expertise as a long-time teacher and education leader. Nancy is a champion for programs aimed at ensuring all our congregants and neighbors have access to what they need to be successful and engaged in our community life. She has challenged us to use plain language justice as a pathway to antiracism, equity, and inclusion. In countless ways, Nancy is uniquely skilled at ensuring our work is informed by the voices of those facing injustice.

We are honored and inspired by Nancy’s work.
We are grateful for, and wiser because of, her teaching.
We are blessed by the meaningful contributions she has gifted us.

Evening Minyan Team

Marty Flax, George Garcia, McKenzie Johnson, Michael Kerstein, Helen Krulewich, Lenny Krulewich, Sam Levine, Sandra Levine, Jay Martin, Em Mueller, Esther Neshama, Carol Rosenstock, Jon Rotenberg, Shmuel Rubens, Carol Rumpler, Lisa Robinson Schoeller, Adele Sheinfield, Bob Slipakoff, Abby Sorell


Zoom screenshot o the Evening Minyan

Temple Israel, at its core, explores and lives dynamic spirituality. For many years a lay-led weekday minyan has allowed people to gather onsite in the early evening to come together to pray and to connect. During Covid, however, the minyan moved to its current online platform. There in its sacred cyber-sanctuary, these leaders of worship and leaders of the heart maintained, nurtured, and breathed fresh air into the 45-minute evening prayer service. Minyan is now a constant within the Temple Israel community — for with prayers, poetry, and music, minyan has become a festive space to share joys, a soft landing for those in mourning, a welcome entry point for those new to Reform liturgy, a haven for friendships and support, and a great international meeting room for catching up with friends, sharing prayers for healing, and forging deep and committed relationships. Those who began as attendees are now leaders; all who participate do so with creativity.
Every evening at 6:15 p.m. since March 2020, the minyan-aires gather — over three years! May they long continue to draw people to live Judaism together!

Riverway Leadership Team

Andrew Franks, Caroline Kaufman, Tzviyah Kusnitz, Perri Lomberg, Gabriellen Mitchell-Lee, Jeff Monaco, Meredith Monaco, Hannah Moverman, Rebecca Noymer, Erica Redner, Beth Weisbach

Riverway Leadership Team

The Riverway Leadership Team (RLT) is the backbone of the Riverway Project every year, but this year was extraordinary. This team of 11 dedicated leaders has sustained our community through their creativity, thoughtfulness, and dedication to welcoming and accessibility. These team members have opened their homes to strangers in the Riverway community, developed innovative and attractive programs, volunteered their precious time and energy, and consistently fostered a warm and welcoming presence. Through their incredible efforts, Riverway Shabbat is now attracting over 200 attendees and our capacity for continued engagement is greater than ever. Most importantly, the RLT’s work behind the scenes ensures that everyone who steps foot in a Riverway program feels seen and celebrated for their whole, authentic selves. Kol hakavod to the RLT for an amazing year of growth, depth, and joy!