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Travel With TI

Throughout the year, we offer clergy-led adventures as a way to travel with TI and connect with, and learn more about, Jewish communities around the world. From Israel to Cuba, join us as we explore together!

Cantor Einhorn “Victory Tour” to Greece and Israel
January 30 – February 9, 2020
Team Captains: Michael Zimman and Ellen Rovner
Imagine yourself touring a castle in Thessalonika, Greece during the day and celebrating Shabbat with the local Jewish community there as the sun sets. Together we will experience the seamless connection between ancient and new. In Athens, we will explore deep roots and blossoming branches of the history, culture, and beauty of the city and its intersections with Jewish life, past, present, and future. We will take a short flight to Israel and tour Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and explore the Ramon crater towards the south. Join Cantor Einhorn, Rabbi Zecher, and Ellen Rovner and Michael Zimman, trip chairs. View more trip details.

Past Trips

March 2016 10 day trip to Spain with Rabbi Ronne Friedman and Cantor Roy Einhorn.

March 2015 – 7 day trip to Cuba with Rabbi Ronne Friedman and Cantor Roy Einhorn.

February 2014 – 10 day trip to Prague and London with Rabbi Ronne Friedman and Rabbi Elaine Zecher. This trip was to honor the 50th anniversary of the Torah scroll we use from the village of Blatna, in what is now the Czech Republic.

March 2013 – 10 day trip to Israel with Rabbi Ronne Friedman and Rabbi Elaine Zecher.

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