Home Press & Media “Jewish Communities Worldwide to host ‘Chanukah Homecoming Weekend'”

“Jewish Communities Worldwide to host ‘Chanukah Homecoming Weekend'”

Jerusalem Post, November 12

Hundreds of congregations, Jewish Community Centers (JCCs), Federations, schools, camps, independent minyanim and Jewish organizations around the world plan to celebrate “Chanukah Homecoming Weekend,” from December 3 to December 5 to welcome Chanukah – the Jewish Festival of Lights.

“What an awesome equation to bring together the Jewish community from all over into our synagogues and organizational homes for a grand homecoming after all this time,” adds Rabbi Elaine Zecher, senior rabbi of Temple Israel, Boston, a participant in Chanukah Homecoming Weekend.

“The opportunity to do this together, across the world, truly adds up to a beautiful experience of holiness wherever we find ourselves.”

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