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“Moving is Always Stressful,” Help Our Afghan Family Find Housing

by Lori Lass and Melanie Marcus (volunteers)

Moving is always stressful, and seeing our Afghan family have to be uprooted was no exception. The Boston area housing crisis became crystal clear when a team of hardworking TI volunteers failed to find them a suitable apartment after many months of trying. The whole experience was bittersweet, because the family had already formed so many special connections to their school and neighborhood communities.

At the last moment our family was offered a temporary free apartment from a very generous Brookline family, and later this generous offer was extended to allow them to stay longer. The father has secured full time hours at his job, and the children continue to thrive in Brookline Schools, while their mom attends morning and night ELL classes!

Our committee has continued to pursue hundreds of possible leads and lotteries for subsidized housing in the metro area with no success, and we feel the weight of uncertainty on our family and the housing supply state-wide is more strained than ever. We need our Temple community to help us take care of our sponsored family and keep them housed and safe.”

Any leads on affordable or donated housing please contact Tali.