GBIO Statement

A Message to the GBIO Community

The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization is rooted in relationships between people across diverse faiths and neighborhoods in order to build a greater Boston that is more just. Our work begins with our stories: stories that contain our hopes and our fears, the dreams for our children and the cries of our ancestors. This past week, for all of us those dreams seem more distant and the cries more poignant.

As leaders within GBIO, our hearts are broken by the terrorist attack against Israelis in Southern Israel, the terrible suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and the seemingly intractable nature of this conflict.

We have spent the past week reaching out to friends and colleagues in our local Jewish and Muslim communities, as relationships are both the glue that binds and fuel that drives GBIO. As we turn to our meetings and the work of moving the GBIO agenda forward, please remember that many of your GBIO brothers and sisters are terrified for loved ones, deeply hurt and woefully tired. We pray the GBIO community that we have built together can be a source of comfort and strength.


In Love and Comfort,

The GBIO Strategy Team

Rev. Burns Stanfield, Chair
Barbara Berke
Rev. Katie Cole
Alan Epstein
Sis. Dr. Ethlyn Davis Fuller
Fran Godine
Dru Greenwood
Rev. Dr. Ray Hammond
Marcia Hams
Philip Hillman
Phillip Jones
Dr. David Landis
Eric Leslie
Rev. Carrington Moore
Khalid Mustafa
Faith Perry
Sajid Shahriar
Jumaada A-K. H. Smith
Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Bishnu Tamang
Rev. Steve Watson
Beverly Williams