IYUN Learning Circle: Torah in a Time of War


February 8, 2024


07:00 PM - 08:30 PM EDT




We are not the first Jewish people to live through troubling times. We may feel bereft of ways to act, but we can lean into what we always have: the ability to gather with others and seek wisdom from our tradition.

This three-part IYUN series, taught by Cantor Alicia Stillman, is designed to help process the big, human questions animated in this moment: How do I experience connection to the Jewish community in Israel and around the world, particularly in moments of challenge and crisis? When tragedy strikes, how might we respond meaningfully? When conversations become difficult, how do we remain unified? Is it possible?

The series also integrates IYUN's "Learning to Bring Them Home" initiative inviting us all to demonstrate solidarity with the families of hostages -- lifting up the names of their loved ones by dedicating learning in their honor, thus matching the imperative mitzvah of redeeming captives with the mitzvah of studying Torah.

Taking place onsite only on February 8, 15, and 22. Please register to attend. For questions, contact Miriam Spectre.

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