Yom Kippur Afternoon and Avodah Service, Yizkor, Neilah, Havdalah


September 25, 2023


03:45 PM - 06:45 PM EDT


· High Holy Days


The Yom Kippur afternoon service moves us through the most tender hours of the holiday, and includes several different components. Our communal gathering will begin with music sung together, capturing the values, themes, and atmosphere of the last 24 hours we've spent together, including the urgency of directing our aspirations for good and for wholeness.

The Torah service, chanted by congregants, is taken from parashat Kedoshim, the holiness code, and includes creative visual expressions of the text of what it means to be holy.

Yizkor means to remember; our memorial service is shared by the community, allowing us to remember loved ones through beautiful music and sensitive prayer and poetry.

Finally, Neilah, meaning "lock," closes the day with joy, energy, and promise: a final Vidui, Avinu Malkeinu, and Shofar blast, then a closing Havdalah, the wine, spice, and candlelit ceremony that separates this day from all the others (in mixed presence, onsite and online).


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