Onsite and Online

Qabbalat Shabbat with Guest Scholar Michal Raucher


February 9, 2024


06:00 PM - 07:30 PM EDT


· Shabbat
· Scholar in Residence


Onsite and Online


Gather with us onsite or online for Qabbalat Shabbat. All are welcome to join this service full of prayer, meditation, and music!

We welcome guest scholar Dr. Michal Raucher for a weekend of dynamic study. During our Shabbat together, Dr. Raucher's discussion will focus on Jewish abortion stories. For the last few years, people who have had abortions have bravely shared their experiences. These stories are contributing to the normalization of abortion. In this session, we will read narratives from Jews who have terminated pregnancies. Their experiences reflect the experiences of many people in the U.S. As we read these texts together, we will consider how these experiences offer an important correction to the canon of Jewish sources on abortion. These texts will help us see what we as a Jewish community can do to normalize abortion.

About Dr. Michal Raucher

Michal Raucher is Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She is a scholar of women in contemporary Judaism, reproductive ethics, and religious authority. Dr. Raucher’s first book, an ethnography of Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish women’s reproductive ethics, titled Conceiving Agency: Reproductive Authority among Haredi Women, was published by Indiana University Press in 2020. Dr. Raucher is writing her second book, The New Rabbis, an ethnography of the ordination of women in Orthodox Judaism in Israel and America. Currently, Dr. Raucher is conducting research on abortion and religion, interviewing Jews who have had abortions in America since 1973. Dr. Raucher earned her PhD in Religious Studies from Northwestern University. She also has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, The Jewish Theological Seminary, and Columbia University.

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