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Virtual Passover Resources

Yizkor Memorial Service

Tuesday, April 14 at 6:15 p.m.

A service to remember our loved ones.

The Passover Seder is a story of resilience, redemption and adaptation! Gather with us virtually from your own home for our Temple Israel of Boston Grant Communal Seder. With our clergy, we will celebrate the transformative ritual of Passover through questions, singing, and celebrating our redemption from Slavery in Egypt, acknowledging that even in these moments of physical isolation – redemption looks like a community gathering in any way possible to celebrate all that Judaism has to offer. Bring Your Own Matzah!

What you need for your seder!

Things From Around Your House

  • Pillows: Embroidered, bedazzled, soft or firm, grab whatever makes you comfy.)
  • A Seder Plate or any plate will do.
  • Two Candles: Don’t have ‘Shabbat’ candles – grab the vanilla one off your bookshelf.
  • Salt + Water for Dipping: This represents the tears of our ancestors, and now our tears over this moment in time, too.
  • Matzah: Here’s a link to make your own!

Consider Adding to your Seder Plate

  • Purell – For the Plague of Covid19
  • Pinecone – For Mass Incarceration
  • Orange – For LGBTQ+ Inclusion
  • Olives – For Peace in Israel

Things For Your Seder Plate

  1. Kiddush: Wine or Grape Juice or even water (just no beer!)
  2. Zeroa: Shank Bone or Roasted Beet (or a picture of either)
  3. Maror: Bitter Herbs like Horseradish. How about Wasabi? Cilantro is polarizing and will get the point across. (Feel free to bring bitter feelings, as well.)
  4. Hazeret: Another Form of Bitter Herb like Romaine (What is this anyway?)
  5. Karpas: Parsley, celery, or other greens (or a green crayon, playdough or green M&Ms)
  6. Beitzah: An Egg (Are you Vegan? Use a flower!)
  7. Haroset: Chopped Apples, Honey + Cinnamon will do the trick. (Chopped anything will suffice, but here are a few great recipes to consider:

Cantor Einhorn's Passover Music

Other resources

DIY Seder Resources

From the Temple Israel Archives

"This is Temple Israel" television program: Model Passover Seder, April 11, 1954

In this recording from the Temple Israel Archives, Senior Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn stages an abridged Passover Seder to acquaint people who have never witnessed or held one with its rituals. Set up as a family event, Gittlesohn takes the role of the father, Helaine (Mrs. James M.) Berenson, President of the PTA, plays the mother, and the children, students in the religious school, are Vivian Gilman (who chants the Four Questions), Peter Coppelman, Carol Levy, Arthur Finstein, and Nancy Bayard. The Temple Israel Quartet, led by Temple Israel Music Director Herbert Fromm, performs choral versions of the prayers and sings Adir Hu, Hodu L’Adonai Ki Tov, and Eliahu Hanavi. This audio recording represents the seventh episode of the television program, This is Temple Israel, which aired from 1954-1978. It was sponsored by the Temple Israel Brotherhood, recorded at Temple Israel of Boston, and broadcast on Massachusetts television station WNAC on the second Sunday of each month.

This, and a large number of similar audio recordings of services, sermons, and events from 1934-1979, are currently being digitized by the Temple Israel Archives as part of a Recordings at Risk grant project sponsored by the Council on Library and Information Resources. Free streaming access to these recordings should be available in the winter of 2020/21.

If you have memories of this or similar TI events, or any other comments or feedback that you would like to share, please send them to