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TI Tent Talks

One Congregation. One Conversation.


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unique Tent Talks

TI Tent Talks, co-chaired by congregants Sally Mechur and Valerie Zimber, was an initiative of small group conversations that helped us develop our strengths as a community of people who care, worship, learn, and celebrate together. The heart of the TI Tent Talks campaign was the power of storytelling. Even though you may sit next to someone in a committee meeting, say hello to them in the hallway, or see them on Shabbat, it is through sharing our stories that we truly begin to build stronger relationships and understand each other in deeper, more nuanced ways. This is how we remain a tight-knit community within our large, urban, diverse synagogue. By creating a space for storytelling at Temple Israel, we provide opportunities for the disconnected to find connection and the already connected to find more depth in their relationships and community.

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Where are you right now in your life?

Through the Tent Talks, we’ve learned that our community is looking for connection and for ways to manage life transitions at any age. Our community is exploring how to find community while balancing work and family life. Many members of our community are looking for ways to make their next chapter in life meaningful.

What do you enjoy at TI, and what do you want to see changed?

Our members are appreciative of the diversity of the Temple Israel community. From the Tent Talks, we learned that our community is continuing to look for opportunities of spiritual nourishment.