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Seder Squad 2019 with the Riverway Project

They applied, learned how to host their own seders, created ritual objects and Haggadot, and now Seder Squad 2019 is ready to host YOU for passover! Seder Squad 2019 features 12 home-hosted seders from all around the greater Boston Area with different themes and experiences.

Seder Squad 2019 Passover Seders

Millennials in Metrowest

Hosted by Rachel & Will in Framingham

Join us for a relaxed, reform, campy style seder. We are new(ish) to Metrowest and have found that there is a cohort of Jewish 20-30’s looking to find each other. Wander in the desert (or along Route 9/30/135/20) no more! Join us to find connection through food, wine, song and Passover tradition. Don’t know the words? Never done this before? Join us, we are a judgement free zone looking to help people find connection.

FULL A Feast of (Lacto) Fermentation

Hosted by Laura in Jamaica Plain

We envision a community Seder rooted in Jewish tradition (haggadah, Seder plate, matzo) that includes feasting on lacto-ferments from all over the world! We are thinking kraut, pickled vegetables, all kinds of kimchi, etc. from as many regions as possible, including from our own garden in JP! We will prepare/buy/welcome as many different lacto-ferments as possible to sample as a group, and discuss how the Passover context of bitterness, preservation and transformation might relate to the flavors and symbolism of wild fermentation — as well as contemporary political issues. No Seder experience necessary! This will be the first Seder for many of our guests.

FULL Four More Questions Seder

Hosted by Melissa in Allston

Join us for seder! In addition to the traditional seder components, the 4 More Questions Seder will include questions that help seder attendees share pieces of their own stories and get to know each other better. In the spirit of story-sharing and modifying tradition, we also invite all seder participants to bring an item to add to the Seder Plate. Please bring something that relates to a meaningful memory or represents something about you. We want everyone to feel celebrated and included at the Passover table!

We plan to have a picnic-style seder and full lean into the tradition of reclining. Pillows will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. If you are interested in attending the Seder, but uncomfortable sitting on the floor, please feel free to sign up and let me know. We will make adjustments so everyone is comfortable.

FULL A Global Seder and Shabbat

Hosted by Jessa and Nikk in Brighton

Whether this is your 1st seder or your 30th, please come join us for a global night! The service and menu will draw on Ashkenazi, Sephardi (including Italkim), Mizrahi culture and more.

FULL Seder With Little Ones

Hosted by Pamela in Jamaica Plain

A traditional seder (with a feminist queer inclusion social justice tilt) that is appropriate for families with young children.

Second Night Seders: April 20

Pesach it to Me

Hosted by Becca & Adam in Melrose

We look forward to welcoming old and new friends into our home for seder!

FULL Friends Seder 30+

Hosted by Rachel in Brookline

Friends Seder is a casual, comfortable, friendly Seder with friends and people who will become friends by the end of the Seder. This Seder is reaching out to those over 30 years old, interested in sharing this wonderful Jewish tradition of the Passover Seder with friends.

On a side note, in college I was a big Friends the tv show enthusiast, so there may be a bad Chandler pun, and certainly some delicious Monica-esque cooking & baking. Ok so reruns are on all the time, and I can still quote many episodes. Looking forward to enjoying a fun, casual, informative, friendly and yummy Seder meal with you. Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask me.

FULL The Krudman Seder

Hosted by Stephanie in Fenway

What we have:
Fun crowd
Great stories
Creative menu with modern twists on traditional Jewish cuisine

FULL Hodge Podge Style

Hosted by Sharon in Cambridge

Welcome to my 1st 2nd night of Passover seder! My goal is to take the traditional seder and make it funny, engaging, progressive, and inclusive.

FULL Do No Harm But Take No Shit Seder

Hosted by Drea in Brighton

This is a seder full of queers and converts and anyone who has had to make a stand to demand their place at the table. We’re coming to it with the intention of celebrating our existence, committing to continued resistance, and remembering that we are stronger together.

FULL Friends and Fellow Travelers Seder

Hosted by Jennie & Jeff in the South End

Come join us for the second night of Passover, where we’ll have lively discussions with each other, celebrating our diverse walks of life, and learning more about all our connections to Judaism – whether we were born into it, converted later in life, or are non-Jewish and just happy to celebrate with the community.

FULL Creative Passover Seder

Hosted by Natalya & Tony in Brighton

A homey, creative, artistic seder gathering with a 20-30s cohort in Brighton.
This seder will be led by a Boston Jewish artist educator and co-hosted by a Boston non-Jewish EMT. The interactive, artistic-approach of our seder begins with drawing and snacks, and concludes with a hearty meal and homemade cocktails.

Seder Squad Learning Opportunities

These sessions are designed to help prepare you to lead your very own seders. While the leadership training on March 14 6:30-9:00 p.m., and the free access to these sessions is only for Seder Squad members, all of the other opportunities for the squad are available to all.  Register to join us for charoset making, seder plate making, the model seder, or ESER’s haggadah making.

Seder Squad members will receive their very own registration link!

Seder Plate Etching with the MEM Project

Sunday, March 31
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm $36

Temple Israel, 477 Longwood Ave, Boston

Why do we include certain items on the seder plate? What if you don’t have a seder plate or if there isn’t room on yours for everything you’d want to include? Now is your chance to design your own glass seder (or matzah) plate as you connect with other young adults (age 22-45) during this creative workshop. Taught by Tova Speter, director of The MEM Project, participants will learn glass etching techniques to create a beautiful plate that can be used in your Passover celebration. We’ll also engage in some learning about the seder plate to help inspire your design. There will be a light dinner as well. All are welcome–no prior art experience/Jewish learning necessary!

Crunchy, Sticky, Bitter, Boozy: A Model Seder Experience

Thursday, April 4
7:00 – 8:45 p.m.  $25
Temple Israel, 477 Longwood Ave, Boston

A crash course in everything Passover, especially for first timers and their friends. The Passover Seder is a celebration of our ongoing journey to spiritual and physical freedom, told through symbolic foods, ancient rituals, storytelling, and song This program is designed by Reform Jewish Outreach Boston. Everyone is welcome, including interfaith partners, LGBTQ couples and individuals, Jews from all backgrounds.

Making Memories in the Kitchen: Charoset from Around The World

Sunday, April 7
10:00 – 11:30 a.m. $10
Temple Israel, 477 Longwood Ave, Boston

A dash of this and a spoonful of that! Taste and smell bring us back to special moments in our lives. Gather to learn and prepare special recipes from TI members troves of taste. Share memories, enjoy conversation, and learn a few cooking tips from our star chef Phyllis Tobin.

DIY Haggadah Workshop with Eser

Sunday, April 7
2:00 – 4:00 p.m. $10
Location TBA

Tired of the same old Passover haggadahs? Want to infuse your seder with creativity and put your personal spin on the Passover story? Always wanted to learn the history and significance of the elements of the seder? Join Eser for a do-it-yourself (DIY) Haggadah Workshop!

The haggadah is the text that outlines the order of the symbolic meal of Passover, the seder. We’ll be discussing the various elements of the haggadah as we help you create your own unique booklet to take home and use for your Passover seder (or to bring to any you attend). No prior haggadah or craft knowledge necessary. Cost includes craft materials and snacks provided at the event.