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Religious School Tutorial Programs

Temple Israel Religious School values flexibility and inclusive learning. The Tutorial Program is designed to support students in Grades 3-7 who anticipate significant Sunday absences, cannot participate in weekday programming, and/or would benefit from individualized attention.

The Tutorial Program allows students to engage with our full curriculum and Hebrew learning outside of regular Religious School hours. Tutors will work with your schedule and come to your home for one-to-one or small group tutorial sessions.

Please Note: The religious school tutoring program is NOT the same as Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation Tutoring. Tutors for Bar/Bat Mitzvah are arranged through Cantor Einhorn’s office.


The tutor will communicate directly with the family to create a schedule for tutorial sessions that best accommodates the needs of the family and student. If the family ever has any issues with tutor communication, they should contact Roberta Axeloons, Assistant Director of Education.

Every full year tutorial student is expected to receive 30 one-hour sessions of tutorial instruction. We suggest you begin tutorial the first week that Religious School is in session. If a student misses 5 or more tutorial sessions, the family will be asked to meet with Rabbi Suzie Jacobson, Director of Education, to discuss the best ways to ensure a cohesive learning experience for the student.

  • If the family needs to cancel a tutorial session, they must notify the tutor no later than 24 hours before the scheduled session. The tutor and family will then work together to find a new time for the week’s session.
  • If the family cancels less than 24 hours before, the family forfeits that session. If the family wishes to then schedule a makeup for a session canceled with less than 24 hours notice, the family will be billed $64.00 for that session.
  • If a tutor needs to cancel a session, the tutor is responsible for communicating with the family and rescheduling the missed session as soon as possible.


The cost of a full year of tutorial covers payment for 30-one hour sessions with a tutor and the necessary administrative costs. The price varies based on the number of students in a group (see below). If you do not plan to do a full year of tutorial, please contact Emma to discuss a prorated cost.

One-to-One Private Tutorial


Small Group Tutorial with 3 Students


Small Group Tutorial with 2 Students


Small Group Tutorial with 4 Students


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