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Online Hebrew Learning

Temple Israel Religious School values flexibility and inclusive learning. Our two-day a week model for grades 3-7 allows students to personalize their Jewish learning and engage more deeply in the content in new and exciting ways. However, we understand that a consistent commitment to weekday  classes is not always possible for our families. Our Online Hebrew Learning Program is a way to support students in Grades 3-7 in Hebrew learning who cannot regularly attend weekday classes, or would benefit from supplemental learning time. Please note the Online Hebrew Learning Program is not  designed to replace Sunday learning time. If you anticipate your child missing several Sunday classes over the year, please contact Rabbi Suzie Jacobson, Director of Education to discuss options.

The Online Hebrew Learning Program allows a student to consistently engage with Hebrew language learning on their own schedule. Our Online Learning Coordinator and Hebrew Reading Specialist will track their progress and offer support along the way. In addition, students will virtually meet with a tutor who can answer any questions and help meet learning goals.

Enrollment in the Online Learning Program is $500.00 for the year, which includes access to the online learning portal and 18 virtual sessions with a tutor. The cost is the same for both tracks.

Two tracks for the Online Learning Program:

For students who cannot attend any weekday classes during the year due to schedule conflicts. Expectations include weekly log-ins and bi-monthly check-ins with a virtual tutor. Goals will be set and progress will be tracked by the Online Learning Coordinator throughout the year.

For students who anticipate significant absences from weekday classes
throughout the year or have a desire for additional learning time. Expectations for time spent will be set in collaboration between the Online Learning Coordinator and the family to best meet student goals.

How It Works:

Step One

Register your child using the form below.

Step Two

Get matched with an online tutor and set the schedule for your child’s 18 tutorial sessions.

Step Three

Set your online learning goals for the year with our in-house Online Learning Coordinator.

Step Four

Learn Hebrew!

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