Qabbalat Shabbat: Friday, 6:00 p.m. Torah Study: Saturday, 9:00-11:00 a.m. Weekday Minyan: 6:15 p.m.

Exploring Judaism

Interfaith couples and families have always been an important part of our community. We welcome all who are looking for connections with Judaism and synagogue life. Together, we share our personal insights during special events and discussions, learn in stimulating classes, experience Jewish rituals and holidays and enjoy each other’s company while we socialize and celebrate. All of our events are open to interfaith families and couples and those who are exploring conversion. Once a year, we host an Interfaith Journeys Shabbat Dinner to create a space for Interfaith families and couples to get together and share their experiences and enjoy one another.

Courses Offered

in partnership with the URJ

A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?

This engaging class on Jewish spirituality, ethics, and community is designed for beginners – Jewish or not. (3 sessions)

Intro to Judaism

In this class, you will explore Jewish history, traditions, holidays, and life cycle ceremonies. (16 sessions)

Becoming Jewish: Exploring the journey towards a new religious identity

Becoming Jewish is a supportive, facilitated discussion about the process of conversion to Judaism and relating to one’s family and community with a new religious identity.

Planning a Jewish Wedding?

A wedding workshop for interfaith and Jewish couples.

Learn to Read Hebrew

Learn to recognize the shaped and sounds of the Jewish alphabet. Six session courses offered Fall and Spring at Temple Israel.

Bringing Prayer into the Home

an introduction

Our goal is to help each member learn the order of the service, the prayers involved, and the meaning behind those prayers. This page will give you the mechanics of our Temple Israel services so that each time you walk through our doors, you feel empowered to fully participate in Shabbat. 

Journeys to Judaism

Journeys to Judaism are vast: beginning with a moment of connection, a text of inspiration, a desire for wellbeing or wholeness, a curiosity for depth and learning, a vision for a family, or even a startling loss; some journeys culminate by the water’s edge in a Mikvah ritual immersion and some do not; some journeys oscillate between tiny moments of connection, concern, turning away, running away, coming back, searching still – and some do not. Who you are and how you locate yourself in the Jewish story is a journey that all who are drawn to Judaism take including those born into its heritage, those who choose it as their inheritance, and those, too, whose legacy is one of loving and cherishing those in their lives who are Jewish. At Temple Israel, we are proud to be part of a legacy of welcome and inclusivity. Our burgeoning center, the Open Door, serves numerous individuals, partners, and families in their exploration of Judaism, Hebrew, ritual, relationships, parenting, and beyond.

The Open Door has launched two new initiatives: “Living Judaism” – a small group for Jews-by-Choice who gather to explore conversations about memory, identity and authenticity at the completion of conversion; and “Modern Couples, Big Jewish Questions” – a four part series for young adult partners committed to building a Jewish home together. Our goal is to create an “Open Door” for exploration and deep connection to the richness that Judaism has to offer.”

My Jewish Journey: Jeanne Rintell

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My Jewish Journey: Matt Thoman

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