REDI Conversation and Dinner


November 17, 2023


07:30 PM - 09:00 PM EDT


· Tikkun Central




As war continues in Israel and Gaza against Hamas, many of us are feeling isolated from some of our communities, and we may find ourselves feeling lost in the ways we are connecting with others. The foundation of our REDI work is to create a community where everyone feels that they belong, even when we hold diverse perspectives. Our REDI work aims to celebrate our identities and recognize the humanity in those who are alike and different from us. Please join us for dinner following Qabbalat Shabbat services on November 17th. This REDI Conversation will be slightly different from others you may have participated in, but will carry the same focus and intent.

November 17th comes a few days after the Ethiopian Jewish Holiday of Sigd. Celebrated by the Beta Israel community, and nationally recognized in Israel since 2008, Sigd marks 50 days after Yom Kippur and is practiced as a day of renewal, centering on the idea of accepting Torah and yearning for Israel. Sigd’s current focus is on promoting a multicultural and diverse Israeli society. In current times, yearning for peace in the region and celebrating multiculturalism seems more important than ever.

Dinner will be catered by a local, Black-owned restaurant. Please register to join us on November 17.

Contact Tali Puterman (tputerman@tisrael.org) with any questions.

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