Thank Goodness It's Shabbat

It's been 3 hours since you woke up. You've played with all the toys, gone through all the games. And you realize it's just 8 a.m. What's next??? Then it hits you! THANK GOODNESS IT'S SHABBAT! Come to Temple Israel for TGIS on the 2nd and 4th Saturday from September through June at 10 a.m. (New participants, please come at 9:30 to meet other TI FYC families and get settled before TGIS starts at 10 AM.) TGIS is a special service for anyone between the ages of 6 days (don't come before that, you'll be too tired!) and 6 years. We have planned a morning of dancing, singing, playing and praying led by local musician, Wayne Potash. We want everyone to have a chance to celebrate Shabbat at least twice a month so we can all say "TGIS!" ("Thank Goodness It's Shabbat!") TGIS is made possible by support from the Marilyn and Mike Grossman Caring Community Program and the Reuben and Lizzie Grossman Fund. No registration necessary. Please contact Brigid Goggin at 617-566-3960 if you have questions.