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Friends Annual Fund

The Friends Annual Fund helps to fund the full spectrum of programming offered to the Temple Israel community including social justice, learning, spiritual, musical, and more. Your gift will allow a teen to participate in a clergy weekend, will bring hundreds of young adults together for Qabbalat Shabbat with the Riverway Project, and will bring Shabbat services to those who cannot attend in person with our live web streaming. Your gift makes this and so much more possible. It is through these programs that we learn about ourselves and our community. We build and strengthen relationships with one another and ensure that every member of our community feels welcome and cared for. It is through your generosity that we are able to continue offering these programs and introduce new ones that enhance congregational life here at Temple Israel.

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The Friends Annual Fund makes up 7 percent of Temple Israel’s operating budget. The money raised through the Friends Annual Fund supports the work we do here at Temple Israel. More importantly, it helps to strengthen our community and shows that we are all here for one another. Please consider a gift, in any amount to the Friends Annual Fund today.
For more information on the Friends Annual Fund or other fundraising opportunities please contact Julie Gal-Or, Director of Development.

Any amount that you can give to the Temple Israel community is meaningful. Help us get to 100% participation by making a gift at the following giving levels:

Sustaining Membership Giving Levels

  • $20,000+  Wisdom (includes ten tickets to Stepping Out)
  • $15,000    Understanding (includes eight tickets to Stepping Out)
  • $10,000    Strength (includes six tickets to Stepping Out)
  • $5,000      Kindness (includes four tickets to Stepping Out)
  • $3,600      Inspiration* (includes two tickets to Stepping Out)
  • $1,800      Vision
  • $1,000      Connection
  • Under $1,000   Friends​

*Gifts beginning at the $3,600 “Inspiration” level will be recognized a premiere supporter of the Friends Annual Fund at our annual fundraising gala, and receive tickets for the gala. Tickets are considered “goods and services” and will not be tax-deductible. Our fiscal year ends on June 30th and begins on July 1st.

What your gift supports

  • $3600
    • Sponsors one monthly Soul Food Friday Qabbalt Shabbat and Dinner for 300 young adults
    • Funds our annual MLK Shabbat program
    • Underwrites one year of Tot Rock Shabbat with the Riverway Band
  • $1,800
    • Buys 5 new iPads for our religious school classrooms
    • Sends five students to Washington DC for the RAC’s L’Taken Social Justice Seminar
    • Allows Temple Israel to offer a membership dues abatement to two families
  • $1,000
    • Funds one semester-long Monday Night School course for our teens
    • Supports training for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students
    • Funds one issue of Insight
  • $500
    • Pays for 10 hours of professional development for a teacher
    • Funds an enhanced Oneg Shabbat
    • Sponsors one semester of TILLI morning study group
  • $250
    • Pays for 5 hours of a one-to-one aide for a special needs student
    • Allows one teen to participate in a clergy weekend
    • Supports one student for the semester long Pre-K Sunday school program
  • $100
    • provides live streaming of one of our Shabbat services for those who are homebound or not able to attend in person
    • Prepares two teens to lobby at Beacon hill
    • Funds the interfaith journey dinner
  • $36
    • Supports the weekly Torah study and discussion
    • Provides wine for Qiddush on Friday night

Connect with Us

Julie Gal-Or

Director of Development

617-566-3960 x156