Study / Midrash

Torah (Study)

"Torah" is a generic term for Jewish text study and learning.  The Temple Israel Education program seeks to provide our students (of all ages) with the tools necessary to engage in meaningful and rich Jewish study.

As Rabbi Ronne Friedman once noted, the symbol of Jewish life should be a question mark (?) not a Magen David (Star of David Y).   We want our students to question the text, challenge it and, most importantly, take away insights that will truly enrich their lives.

Two aspects of the Temple Israel Education Program enable our students to achieve this goal:

  1. Ongoing Jewish text study beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through  Grade 12.
  2. The study of Biblical Hebrew, beginning in Grade 3 and continuing through Grade 6, that will enable students to engage with Jewish texts in their original language without the mediation of a translator.  The Biblical Hebrew curriculum (Melton) is supplemented with verses in Hebrew from the texts the students are studying in their Judaica curriculum.